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AtomDrive provided new options to its customers.

AtomDrive team would like to introduce new opportunities for Colocation Service. Big web projects, that feel the lack of resources from other kinds of hosting are one of the target groups for AtomDrive. According to the latest hosting market review, Colocation is the most demanded type of service for this group of customers.
Thus, in addition to common terms of placing, AtomDrive expanded a pay scale and increased space for customers' hardware equipment. Now you can select from three items the one that will be fully in the line with your business' needs. AtomDrive team continually monitors changing demand for storage services, therefore the rack space is always adjusted to market ability. Our experts will carefully accept and install your hardware. Also we'll be glad to help you in purchasing and connecting the needed equipment remotely. Do not forget about this option.
Our consultants in live chat are always ready to help you in finding a suitable configuration.

Improve your business with AtomDrive.

Publiziert am: 6. Januar 2017

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