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Reliable Supermicro solutions for great hosting

We are thrilled to share an important event we’ve seen here at AtomDrive.

AtomDrive’s cooperation with Supermicro, the famous manufacturer of server equipment, evolved into a full partnership at the beginning of 2018. As our customer base has been constantly growing, the amount of the server equipment we were buying has increased significantly. As of now, we have an exclusive deal to supply Supermicro’s equipment, the world-famous manufacturer. Our choice is not accidental.
High-quality, reliable and affordable hosting service demands that the technical platforms meet the following requirements:

1. Reliability and a minimized risk of failure. Indeed, these are the most important parameters that affect the choice of a hosting provider. Supermicro improves them with every year and grows its customer base.

2. Adaptability. Supermicro is a renowned leader in providing adaptable solutions. Its products are perfect for designing a wide range of server configurations for various purposes.

3. Cost. While providing reliability and adaptability, Supermicro can also offer a price range that is more affordable than the options offered by the other manufacturers.

That’s why we love working with Supermicro. Its technical platforms empower us to make our services as diverse as possible and our hosting conditions just as much attractive.

Publiziert am: 18. März 2018

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