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Prolongation of discount programs in 2019

As our users point out, we carried out a number of discount programs in 2018, which helped them invest the saved money in IT systems and business development. It was decided to prolong the following programs in 2019:
1. As Colocation service seems to be in high demand this year, AtomDrive offers free installation of the equipment. The term of the minimum contract is 2 times less and equal to 6 months now.
2. 22% discount for all tariffs after paying in advance. The maximum annual payment period gives the maximum discount. This is one of the best deals on the hosting market. 90% of our permanent customers choose the maximum payment period, saving one fifth of the tariff.
3. New customers will appraise a discount campaign that is held 2 times a year. The classical 5–10% discount can be used together with the advance payment. Their total sum is 32%, which plays a decisive role in choosing our hosting.
Surely, we reserve the right to conduct other programs. Follow online news blocks and our social networking channels. Make business as efficient as possible with AtomDrive!

Publiziert am: 29. Januar 2019

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