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When Business Grows

We keep track of annual transformations of business models and continuous changes in customers’ requirements regarding operation of technological digital systems, which to a great extent are the basis of company's success today. No matter what hosting requirements your company specifies – Atom Drive will provide solutions to setup the necessary connections.

All our services provide for possibility of scaling. Additional service packages for performance improvement:

· DDoS attack protection – basic (up to 10 Gbps) and advanced (up to 400 Gbps)

· Network connection channel 10 Gbps (RJ-45 or FO)

· Hardware RAID for increasing of server’s speed and reliability

· Hardware-based load balancing and turnkey solutions with high availability

· Highly available reserved Cloud Hosting, suitable for instant upgrade

· SSD drives with incredible performance and high speed of I/O operations

Our up-to-date configurations meet to up-to-date requirements for technical characteristics of IT systems that allow for improving performance of business.

We always find a space to apply Сolocation service. Our long-standing clients develop their IT solutions in our premises.

Finally, reliable systems of legal and technical protection allow our clients to not waste their time on security issues, focusing on growth of their companies instead.

Publiziert am: 7. April 2019

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