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AtomDrive DDoS Protection - reliable for all

The number of DDoS-attacks with the development of IT-technologies only grows. DDoS-attack leads to inaccessibility of the web resource for end users, which can significantly affect the online business, entail direct and indirect losses, as well as deterioration of reputation among customers and users.

What configuration of DDoS protection should ensure data security? For every format and scale of business, the answer will be different.

For example, among our users of Cloud hosting and VPS, only 4% purchase additional options for DDoS protection services. Among owners of dedicated servers, this figure is higher (19%), which is associated with larger and more expensive projects.

The data show that the free DDoS protection package (10 Gb / s) included in any AtomDrive service provides reliable protection. Indeed, AtomDrive has an excellent technological solution for detecting and immediately responding to any kind of DDoS attacks with guaranteed results after thorough filtering.

A few key points you need to know about AtomDrive DDoS protection:

1. The operation of the web resource will not be suspended even during the attack.

2. The protection system can detect changes in attack algorithms and adapt to them.

3. We provide traffic statistics on the attacked resource.

4. Install DDoS protection easily and safely

5. Almost 100% filtering guaranteed.

Not only users of our company's services can get serious high-level DDoS protection from AtomDrive. You can purchase this service without changing the provider.

We offer a variety of DDoS protection configurations. To make a decision, you may need to determine the intensity of the attacks, but if this is not possible, choose a higher level of protection or consult our support service.

Publiziert am: 16. Mai 2019

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