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4 Reasons for choosing Colocation!
Published on: October 24, 2014 by Irina

In the era of high tech rapid development, a question of great choice arises among companies that would like to outsource their computing needs. In this article we will highlight the main advantages of so called “renting a rack for a server possibility” – Co-location. Professional equipment of any data center will be able to provide necessary power source, space, network, and cooling solutions. Take a look at these 4 S- points:


Did your business hit a slow season? Or is it getting more clientele? Either way there is no problem to scale up or down depending on the needs of your company.


Hosting providers often enhance security of a physical server. As a matter of fact, typical security services consist of locks on a server cabinet, security cards for accessing a Data Center, and having security guards patrol the area.


In case of unexpected move to a different office, natural disaster or power outage, your server will stay connected. As a rule, hosting providers have multiple backup generators, which means a dual power source.

Superior Connectivity

Data Centers are supplied with centralized cooling facilities that ensure the right temperature enabling a server to perform 100% of its power. Great bandwidth speed and excellent redundancy are essential parts for the ongoing performance of any server and collocation providers focus on it.  Just imagine maintaining the same IT infrastructure in your office!


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