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Published on: March 11, 2014 by Irina

Have you ever encountered an extremely slow network performance or experienced an excessive increase in the number of spam emails? Do you know firsthand what a long term denial of access is? In all of these cases, you were “introduced” to such a harmful tool of disablement of any web- resource connected to the Internet as a DDoS attack.

First, let’s take a look at what exactly a DDoS attack is and what its purpose is in such a highly competitive society. A distributed denial-of-service attack is a type of attack on a network designed to bring the network to a halt by bombarding it with useless traffic. Under such an attack, your web-resource cannot respond to legitimate users. Unavailability followed by downtime of a webpage will inevitably lead to a high financial loss by a company which might be very beneficial for a light-fingered rival. Unfortunately, such and economic consequence might only be the tip of the iceberg since the real complication could be your damaged reputation as a business owner.  Frequently, your clients’ personal information is the main target of hackers. Sometimes DDoS attacks act as a weapon in a political struggle. Ideological hackers often target government agencies and companies which have a clash of opinions.  As we see, a DDoS attack turns out to be an unaffordable luxury.

The good news is that AtomDrive is capable of providing shelter to web-resources of any scale. As a result of close cooperation with Solar Communications, AtomDrive is proud to present a technological solution for detection and immediate response to any type of DDoS attacks with a guaranteed effect of thorough traffic filtering. As AtomDrive goes above and beyond to make its network free of menaces of any kind, a basic DDoS protection is provided free of charge with any server group starting with the Classic Mode.

This is also important to mention that the DC of AtomDrive is located in a country famous for its economical stability and political neutrality, Switzerland, which guarantees the physical safety of the servers.

For further information, please contact our support team.

DDoS attack, Protected

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