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BitTorrent Sync servers
Published on: August 26, 2013 by Mike

There is nothing new under the sun. Well-known torrent P2P file sharing technology has got a new shape.  This is BTSync file sharing system. As well as classic torrent system, btsync allows you to do things independently and anonymously. 256 bit AES encryption protects your data so you do not have to worry about hierarchy of security measures usually vital for any traditional file sharing service.

So, let’s have a closer look at BTSync from the end user’s perspective. BTSync is just an application that can be installed on your PC or Mac in few clicks. Extremely comprehensive GUI allows you to start working with the application even without opening a user’s manual.  If you are able to copy and paste a file from one folder to another, do not worry- “btsync” application will not make any trouble for you. In general BTSync technology allows you to synchronize specific folders between your devices. The service is absolutely decentralized due to P2P technology. More devices connected better performance is. This the main thing that makes BTSync different from other solutions. You do not depend on anyone anymore.

So, what is the reason of having a BTSync container at a hosting company? Obviously, that due to P2P technology there is no sense in involving a third party to this process. This is true from logical perspective.

It is a well-known fact that bittorrent data exchange speed is not limited by anything but network capacity. If your job is not like moving from one ISP office to another, you are more likely using all the time usual means of Internet connection like xDSL, GPRS, 3G and etc. All of them are quite limited in terms of bandwidth capacity comparing to possibilities that big Data Centers may offer. A Data Center connected to different ISPs’ directly offers BTSync containers with peak bandwidth capacity up to 10 gbit/s. Such option will significantly increase your data exchange service performance. Using different devices and changing locations you will be able to reach the maximum possible level of data exchange speed.

Just imagine someone is running a small business in a remote part of Eastern Europe. His business is mainly consists of different orders on graphic design from organizations like schools, colleges and even local police office and fire department. It’s pretty difficult to keep a good employee in one place especially in a quite remote geographical location. In such situation file sharing becomes quite irritating thing. BTSync technology is a good solution for this problem and allows his team to interact without delays and big expenses.

BTSync technology is just a tool. Human phantasy is limitless, so I even won’t try to list all possible ways this technology can be used. It is a huge range of tasks starting from servers backup, classic file sharing, personal storage and even websites hosting.

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