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Computex2014: Crucial® DDR4 Memory for Servers and Gaming Systems Overview
Published on: July 29, 2014 by Irina

At the Computex Trade Show 2014 Crucial, a leading brand of memory and storage updates,
announced new DDR4 memory modules for server platforms of high-performance.
In fact, increasing the bandwidth up to 31.4 Gbps along with the processing speed, DDR4 remarkably improves
server performance. Crucial DDR4 Server Memory has a maximum data transfer rate of 2133MT/s at 1.2V power supply.
As stated, the server modules are available in the range of 4 to 32 GB.

In addition, Crucial launched the production of Ballistix Elite DDR4 which dramatically boosts gaming performance.
The key features include:
1. Introductory speeds starting at 2666 MT/s and 3000 MT/s
2. Memory bandwidth up to 24GB/s, nearly double the bandwidth of standard DDR3 memory
3. Reduced energy consumption up to 40%
4. Optimized for the latest Intel X99 platforms
5. Available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB kits

The prices for the product have not been released.

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