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Green hosting
Published on: February 8, 2018 by Nate

The rapid development of information technologies created the conditions for the humanity transition to the sixth technological setup. Nowadays the leading criteria for the societies are the cost effectiveness, production effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

Modern digital technologies, cloud calculations, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies allow optimizing the growing digital business demands substantially, though the active growth of information amounts uploaded to the global network, requires a lot of energy. Those companies keeping up their eco-friendly image migrate to green technologies.

Green technologies are the trend of modern life. Green technologies is the reputation of leading business companies. Migrating to the alternative sources of electrical energy is the main solution of green technologies today. The use of wind, solar and water energy is becoming an increasingly attractive technology for electricity generation for the individual companies needs. Companies of different level invest in green solutions.

The focus on green technologies hasn’t spared both hosting companies and data centers. The so-called “green” hosting is a hallmark of serious reliable companies of cloud solutions. Companies are looking for opportunities to minimize the electric energy consumption running idle. Sometimes this solution is to paint the building walls white to reduce the cost of cooling the premises.

Atom Drive is proud that more than 92% of electricity used for data center operation uses renewable energy sources. We gratefully use the power of wind in our work, thus reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Our clients know that by migrating to the remote cloud operation of digital platforms they reduce unclaimed energy costs, which are ineffectively used during the physical operation of their servers.

Let's take care of the nature together.

Green hosting

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