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Published on: August 25, 2013 by Mike

Dear customers and visitors,  

This blog is intended to keep you informed about current trends and events in the sphere of Internet hosting and IT technologies in general. We hope you would find our posts useful for your tasks and needs as well as just interesting for reading. Our team will try to do its best to provide you with analytics, reports on current events in IT sphere, manuals and guides for different tasks concerning mail, ftp, file sharing, NAT, firewalls and other services, end-users’ reports on different applications and services, and many other things that authors will find interesting for you.  We would highly appreciate your feedbacks and wishes in order to keep this blog topical. 

Best regards,  AtomDrive Team


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Our blog is dedicated to current and historical events in IT and computer sphere. We are trying to keep it closer to an average person avoiding vulgar simplification.

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