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Published on: July 29, 2014 by Irina

During the conference dedicated to publishing the results for last quarter and the 2014 fiscal year, Seagate made it clear that the trial supply of 8TB HDD had been launched.

At the moment, the max capacity of Seagate’s HDD available on the market is 6TB. The new 8TB HDD’s are specially designed for big scale data centers and Clouds. 

Meanwhile, the 8TB hard drive has already been tested and endowed with a positive feedback so it may enter mass production by 2015.

In addition, Seagate is going to work on the development of a 10TB HDD, however, it is not expected on the market sooner than 2016.

Seagate notes that within 3 months (April-June, 2014) 52.5 million drives with a total capacity of 49.6 million exabytes were shipped, showing an increase of 8% compared to the same period in 2013.

HDD, Seagate

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Published on: May 9, 2014 by Irina

Samsung has launched the mass production of the first on the market SSDs ​​based on 3-bit NAND technology.

New storage devices (PM853T SSD) are designed primarily for servers used for social networking sites, web browsing, email, etc.

The new PM853T SSDs are introduced in densities of 240GB, 480GB and 960GB.  The Serial ATA 3.0 interface with the bandwidth of up to 6Gb/s serves as a connection to a computer.

Applying Samsung’s 10 nanometer (nm) 3-bit NAND flash components and updated  controller technology, the new drive shows  a sequential read speed of 530 megabytes per second (MB/s), while writing sequentially at  420MB/s. It also will read data randomly at 90,000 IOPS and handle sustained writes at 14,000 IOPS.

According to a forecast from IHS iSuppli, the global market volume of SSDs on the global market will be increased by a third this year compared to 2013 - from $ 9.4 to $ 12.4 billion. In 2017 it is expected to reach $ 20 billion.


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Published on: November 6, 2013 by Irina

The news that the daughter company of Western Digital – Hitachi Global Storage Technologies had developed a new model of hard drive - Ultrastar He6 left the IT-Market star-struck. This is a 3.5-inch hard drive with 50% more capacity than that of other current HDD models. In addition, it consumes 23% less energy and weighs 38% less than the 4TB hard drives.

Such a huge breakthrough is a result of an excellently engineered solution. A sealed container of the HDD is not filled with air as other models, but with helium.

WD, Ultrastar, HDD

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Published on: October 17, 2013 by Irina

HGST, division of  Western Digital, has announced that now they supply hard-disk drives MegaScale DC 4000.B. These drives of 3.5 inches in size with 4TB capacity are equipped with the SATA 6 Gb / s. They belong to the drives MegaScale of the second generation. According to the manufacturer and taking into consideration users’ feedback, they have further improved the balance between capacity, speed, reliability and power consumption.

In multilevel data storage systems drives MegaScale DC 4000.B are allocated for the storage of large volumes of unstructured data, backup "disk drive", the creation of online archives, long-term storage of data and other tasks, where important parameters are such as unit cost and energy intensity per unit volume.

According to HGST, drives MegaScale DC 4000.B with a spindle speed determined by the CoolSpin technology, are suitable for continuous operation under a load corresponding to rerecording of 180 TB a year. In comparison, high-performance drives Ultrastar 7K4000 with a spindle speed of 7200 rev / min RPM are designed for load of 550 TB a year.

They are designed for Cloud storage, "Video on Demand" and other applications where the combination of high performance, reliability, and storage density is crucial. These drives are characterized by the highest in the industry mean time between failure  - 2 million hours. In the case of MegaScale DC 4000.B drives mean time between failure is estimated at 800 thousand hours.

HDD, Hard drive, MegaScale

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