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Published on: March 11, 2014 by Irina

In 2013 the global Cloud Service market increased its profit to 62 billion U.S. Dollars. New Parallels SMB Cloud Insights ™ reports show that this growth will continue at 26% and will reach a high of $125 billion.

According to the IT analysts, US Cloud Service market for small and medium-scale businesses was $24 billion whilst in Russia the Cloud usage was $633 million. It is mportant to mention that the pace of development is 17% by 2017 and 32% by 2016 for America and Russia respectively. And UC cloud services and other business applications prompt such a giant leap in development.

The boost in Cloud market has been mainly generated with the help of the solutions for communications and collaboration, including corporate e-mail and virtual PBX, which are followed by IaaS services. Nowadays In mature markets every small and medium-sized business has an average of five uses for cloud services. Parallels Experts predict that by 2016 the number of uses will have reached 9.

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