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Published on: November 26, 2013 by Irina

A new version of OpenSUSE OS – 13.1 has been released to the public.

A lot of changes were applied to meet everybody’s requirements: from a beginner to a super geek. Software is based on Linux Kernel 3.11. But the most of attention is drawn by the introduction of KDE 4.11 и GNOME 3.10. Besides, the OS comes with LibreOffice 4.1, the hypervisor Xen 4.1, the components of the cloud platform OpenStack Havana, DBMS MySQL 5.6, GCC 4.8 development tools and other products.
OpenSUSE 13.1 allows taking advantage of updated admin tools, an extended drivers list, and improved hardware support. In addition, users may benefit from the optimized product code; the incorporated Btrfs file system, advanced performance and safety.

Good news is kept for experienced OpenSuse OS users: now you can to make your own SUSE Linux based distro and choose a configuration which suits your preferences the most. Feel yourself like a real designer with the right tool in your hands – online SUSE Studio.We anticipate a new release of OpenSUSE in July, 2014

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