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Published on: October 9, 2013 by Mike

We have many years of experience with different kinds of motherboards and wide range of release variations, which are offered by Supermicro.

Supermicro motherboards stand out for their built-in IPMI, which provides remote Web-based access to the server. IPMI completes the following operations at a distance: start/reboot an operating system (OS), control of KVM-switch, and gives the certain information about a motherboard such as voltage, temperature etc. So now you may even handle lots of OS failure issues without physical presence in Data Centre.
We would like to introduce you to the advantages of IPMI as well as to its drawbacks.

IPMI, Supermicro, Motherboards, BIOS

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Published on: September 4, 2013 by Mike

Brief review of iOS applications for system administrators

iSSH-SSH/VNC Console

It is another software solution built on free PuTTY project and intended for remote access to servers and workstation computers operational environment. Generality is a key feature of iSSH-SSH/VNC Console. In addition to SSH and Telnet the application supports Virtual Network Computing (VNC), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), can be used for secure connection to Unix/Linux systems in graphic mode via X Window System and for tunneling of transmitted data over SSH.


This is a client application included in the software package of the same name for remote computers administration under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Using TeamViewer you can remotely connect to a computer desktop, upload files from Apple mobile device, perform servers servicing and troubleshooting, monitor applications and system services running on remote machines. To ensure data security and protection from intercepting by intruders the server- and client-end portion of the application use AES encryption with 256-bits key for information transmitted via network. For TeamViewer commercial use the developer offers Pro-version, which costs $100 for iPhone and $140 for iPad. Paid versions are characterized by enhanced functionality applicable in the business environment.


It is a mobile tool for remote SSH and Telnet access to servers. Being based on free and open-source PuTTY client, vSSH has an impressive range of tools. The program supports simultaneity with multiple terminal sessions, can operate in background mode without breaking established connections and is capable of port forwarding through SSH.


This is an application for networks analysis and diagnostics that can be used to audit security of devices connected to them as well. Scany is able to scan TCP and UDP ports, to recognize the type of hardware based on network interface controller, to define the assigned IP and MAC addresses as well as system services functioning in the network. The application included a lot of useful network tools (ping, traceroute, remote wake - WOL/WWOL, whois, Geo IP and others), such as tools for testing firewalls and sending generated reports by e-mail.

Net Status

It’s a mobile tool for monitoring servers, network devices and workstations in TCP/IP networking. Net Status sends requests to sites determined in settings within user-specified amounts of time, records answers received from them and generates detailed statistics of network nodes operation. Using the application it will not be difficult to timely detect a failure in a particular system service and to promptly take appropriate measures.

Server Density

It’s an application for built-in monitoring of server platforms, operating in conjunction with the online service of the same name. Server Density allows to make a note of multiple system parameters and to receive a prompt push in case of threshold exceeding or emergency. Using the application you can analyze the use of computing resources, disk drives and servers network interface controllers under Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and FreeBSD, monitor functioning of web services, databases and critical services via dynamically updated reports with graphs and diagrams.


This is another tool for diagnostics of servers and workstations under Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD. ServerMonitor uses SSH for connection to devices and provides an administrator with information on computing load, operating time without rebooting, free memory space and other system parameters demanding constant attention.


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