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Business Safety Guarantee

We are absolutely sure that without customers trust it is impossible to build successful business today. That is why we always do our best to fulfill all undertaken obligations.
Realizing all the importance of ensuring online business security and its stable functioning, we try to apply the most advanced tools and methods for the implementation of this task. AtomDrive provides 99.9% uptime for the customers web resources and reliable protection against all kinds of web attacks. The smooth operation of your business is our main challenge, for the implementation of which our entire infrastructure is aimed.

Also we believe customer support is no less important for the successful development of our business. AtomDrive staff undertakes to respond to all requests, wishes and demands of our clients in proper time and in a polite manner as well as to provide quick solution of technical problems.
We realize our responsibility for the provision of the necessary equipment and services and promise that they will fully comply with customers requests and will represent the best solution according to price/quality ratio.

You may not worry for the safety of your equipment and data in our data center either, as it is guarded by means of complex protection - qualified technical staff, round-the-clock video surveillance, reserve sources of power supply.
Swiss legislation protects your privacy and personal information while AtomDrive provides conformity of its services with these laws and regulations.

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