CDN - Content Delivery Network - is a reliable system of content distribution to end-users

CDN is the most efficient way to deliver your content to end users with highest availability and in shortest time possible. Having placed the content of your choice across our CDN nodes located all over the world, you ensure its availability and instant reachability for users from all continents and regions. Here's a glimpse on how this technology works: when a user requests content hosted on your website, it is determined which CDN server should transfer data to each individual user based on various calculations, including user location, bandwidth costs and server performance. To speed up response time and eliminate latency issues all static resources are being cached across distributed servers.

CDN shares data across servers deployed in multiple data centers around the world to acvhieve 100% availability of your website.
In an unlikely event of one of the servers going offline, your content will still be reachable through the rest of the servers.
Sign up for a free 7 day 50 GB/s trial to put this cutting edge technology to a test and notice improved customer experience and reduced content load time by yourself.

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CDN common properties

CDN hostname

Select zone

We would like to provide you with the service that you are indeed looking for.
You pay only for what you actually use. Please choose from the main 4 packages of coverage depending on where your audience is located the most.


0.06 CHF per 1GB
0.07 USD per 1GB
0.06 EUR per 1GB

North America

0.05 CHF per 1GB
0.06 USD per 1GB
0.05 EUR per 1GB


0.19 CHF per 1GB
0.21 USD per 1GB
0.18 EUR per 1GB

South America

0.07 CHF per 1GB
0.08 USD per 1GB
0.06 EUR per 1GB

CDN deposit

According to our “Pay as you go” policy you only pay for what you use. There are no limitations on when you must use your balance as it never expires. However, you must consume a minimum of 5 CHF each month.


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