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Pay as you go, Light speed delivery
Without CDN
Limited access
Low quality
Restricted сonnection
With CDN
Lightning speed delivery
Best Global Coverage
Excellent performance
100% availability

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Nowadays it is a standard practice for businesses to build up their international clientele. A few benefits such as faster growth, higher income, and financial security make this a lucrative idea for many. We are happy to offer you a new service - CDN, which is capable of assisting you in this task.

How does it work?

CDN, or Content Delivery Network, delivers data to end users worldwide and guarantees high quality and speed of content distribution. In simple words, servers with copies of data are situated all over the world enabling access to necessary information from the closest server. As an example, a request from China for information allocated in an American server doesn’t have to go all the way there and then back, since a server with a copy is located much closer.

CDN network

Reliable delivery
AtomDrive CDN nodes are placed in 113 major cities of more than 40 countries around the world. Data is allocated to these servers around the globe, which enables access to it regardless of any network issues or natural disasters. In case requested information is not accessible on one server, function of automatic distribution will take it from the next available server.
High productivity
CDN increases the content delivery speed by 4 times which enhances the number of users present on the same web resource at the same time. Bandwidth enlarged by using CDN is able to serve an unrestricted amount of end users no matter where they are located. In addition, 100% global availability of your web resource helps secure you a top position in search engines.
Various formats
CDN supports a prominent fraction of the Internet content today, including texts and graphics; media files and software; apps, live streaming video, and video on demand. This suits every business model handling a large amount of information of different formats and configurations.

Beneficial feature
CDN gives you a real tool for more effective management of your business. This is a statistics’ report on the most frequently requested data, the location of your main audience, and real load time.
Strategic placement of CDN nodes lowers your costs on transmission and boosts the popularity of your resource. CDN is specially structured so that the content is promptly guided to the end user from the server which is the most suitable in terms of the location, performance quality, and cost.



0.06 CHF per 1Gb
0.07 USD per 1Gb
0.06 EUR per 1Gb

North America

0.05 CHF per 1Gb
0.06 USD per 1Gb
0.05 EUR per 1Gb


0.19 CHF per 1Gb
0.21 USD per 1Gb
0.18 EUR per 1Gb

South America

0.07 CHF per 1Gb
0.08 USD per 1Gb
0.06 EUR per 1Gb

You are free to choose from any of our coverage zones and a deposit amount that suits your business needs.


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