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Hardware and network connectivity

Network connectivity

Reliable network connection by AtomDrive is now possible thanks to every effort our team made to create a thought-out, state-of-the-art infrastructure. We provide complete redundancy, multiple connections which are the essential attributes of network security. Besides, the equipment of premium class: high-performance routers, load balancers, switchers, underlies our architecture.

Automated response system and round-the-clock support of highly qualified engineers ensure timely solution to any problem.

CLose cooperation with the providers of Tier-1 level providers guarantees the shortest waiting time for end users anywhere in the world. In addition, Cisco routers and switches contribute to reliability and stability of the network functioning.


  • All the equipment demonstrates 99,9% Uptime
  • Redundant Cisco routers of the highest class
  • Reliable IP-Transit providers and peering partners
  • Integrated DDoS Protection
  • Day-and-night observation over the network and technical means ensuring complete defense against web-based attacks for every part of the network
  • Future ready solutions

  • Hardware

    Planning, development and realization of all AtomDrive solutions are based on certain requirements and allow us to provide a superior level of service.
  • The best equipment only
  • Preliminary testing of software is obligatory
  • BIOS-level control over each Dedicated Server and Virtual Machine through IPMI / KVM
  • Load Balancing and High-Availability for every solution
  • Redundancy provided using SAN, Switches, Routers and Hypervisors
  • Day and night control over the network for timely detection and repulsing web-based attacks
  • 1 gbit/s copper and 10gbit/s optical channels to provide all connections
  • Direct connections to the network core without intermediaries
  • Close partnership with IP-Transit providers for creating network with redundancy bandwidth

  • Our Datacenter is located in Zurich, Switzerland

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