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Your independence, mobility, reliability and financial benefit

Today it’s impossible to imagine a successful enterprise without computers. Regardless of what kind of business this is, a web store, a furniture plant or a state hospital, efficient IT support plays a key role for its success. In the first decade of the XXI century most enterprises had local computer networks and IT staff to maintain them.

Managers started thinking how they could cut expenses on extra staff members. How they could organize support of the computer networks without engaging their own employees. The answer was IT outsourcing. A member of an unaffiliated IT company managed the computer network and got paid for the actual amount of work done. Cost-cutting is obvious.

However, maintaining the network infrastructure itself, including contingencies (moving out, hardware crashes, etc.) turns into considerable expenses for the enterprises, too. IT sector has been developing rapidly, and the modern IT market offers an option to switch to the most efficient type of IT infrastructure – virtual. We are talking about cloud services.Until recently cloud services had not been widespread, but today they have got recognition both from large and small businesses. How come they are so attractive for businesses? What are their benefits?

First, cloud services do not depend on location, time and business model. You become independent of your office. Our cloud services are available from any spot of the world with Internet access. You can do your job anywhere, at home or on a business trip. There is no need to keep a single server in your office! And maybe there is no need to keep an office! Your employees can work from anywhere with a mobile device.

Second, system management becomes scalable and its cost depends on your needs. If you need powerful and reliable equipment to launch a new service but you are not ready to invest too much money, the best solution could be renting virtual servers with the necessary system requirements.

Third, cloud services are reliable, quality and safe. We use the most innovative equipment which guarantees that your IT system is troubleproof and protected. With cloud services, your company will be immune to failures of the IT infrastructure. All the data on your virtual machines is automatically backed up and we provide a 24/7 support to our customers.

Cloud services are always available to you and your customers. We provide our customers with 99.9% of uninterrupted service operation, minimum latency and high-speed connection. Such a high accessibility rate is not guaranteed by the other providers on the market, according to our research. CDN service provides the fastest website performance and the minimum response time for the users worldwide.

And finally, an important advantage – cloud services are cost-saving. You will cross out operating costs from your budget: renting space for the equipment, paying utilities, buying licenses, updating hardware and software, and keeping additional employees on staff.

And another advantage of ordering our services right now – in November we are offering a 10% discount for all our packages and services. This is a nice opportunity to start out in a new format.

Which types of business would benefit most from the cloud services? All the advantages mentioned above will streamline operation of any kind of company, from large to small, from commercial to state-owned.

What is the right time to switch to the cloud services? The time is right as soon as you start looking for independence, mobility, reliability and financial benefit.

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Published on: November 2, 2015

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