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Now the services of dedicated servers hosting on AtomDrive are based on the latest generation resources. We are awaiting the supply of Supermicro servers. We also are preparing a new configuration with E3-1245 v5 processors that combine a 32 Gb DDR4 memory with SSD and HDD drives.

Supermicro Servers have an excellent reputation among the professionals who notice their:

Supreme quality;
Full compliance of standards;
High reliability;
The best price/performance ratio in its field;
as well as other advantages.

The quad Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1245 v5 (8M Cache, 3.50 GHz) with a rated output of 80W has a built-in Intel® HD Graphics P530 with integrated graphics. The E3-1245 v5 processor has an excellent performance due to the increased speed of turbo tact frequency (3.9 GHz); increased RAM speed (2133 MHz); increased number of threads (8); significantly higher memory bandwidth (34.1 Gb / s); and a higher-level of data transmission (8 Gt / s). The use of Hyper-threading technology (each core can run two threads at the same time) increases the quality in certain applications. The graphic processor (GPU) with a large number of execution units (24) and an updated OpenGL version ensures better graphics. These are not the only advantages of a progressive processor which will be used in new configurations of dedicated servers of the AtomDrive hosting service.

We design new configurations adapted for DDR4 memory chips with 32 Gb capacity. The memory modules have an increased capacity and performance than DDR3 due to different organization of DDR4 memory chips. DDR4 has an increased reliability, stability of work, and improved power efficiency, compared to previous generation.

You can choose HDD hard drives or solid-state SSD drivers according to your needs.
In the near future you will be able to get all the information on new configurations in the "#Dedicatedservers" section.

Follow our news and updates on the #AtomDrive official website.

Published on: April 15, 2016

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