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More space for Collocation, more benefits

#AtomDrive team considers the needs of its customers. We have expanded the accommodation space for customers’ equipment and adjusted our rates due to the increased demand for #Collocation service. You can store your equipment in the necessary amount - units, racks, allocated space – on comfort conditions chosen together with a set of additional services.

When placing your equipment at AtomDrive, the package will include the following services:

Server Installation (Collocation);
Round the clock technical support;
Uninterrupted power supply;
2 IP-addresses with possibility of extension.

Additional services:
Additional IP-address provision;
An ability to raise the volume of power supply;
An ability to get a DDoS-attacks protection.

Find out more about the pricing, configurations and additional benefits of this service from our chat consultants. Create your best solution together.

Published on: April 17, 2016

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