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The number of AtomDrive customers has increased several times in 2016.

AtomDrive team has summed up the results over the past year. Thus, Dedicated Server is the most popular kind of hosting among the customers, what motivates us constantly adjust and improve hosting configurations for your convenience. We remind you of the latest updates in our classic servers range, such as Gamma SE, Gamma HD, Gamma X (bestseller) and Next configurations, as much as in the range of game servers, including Magma 2X, Magma 2S, Gamma RSN and Gamma SX configurations. We have also noted the increasing interest in long term hosting after offering 22% year discount. Calculate your personal discount in accordance with hosting period in Dedicated servers' section.
Also, more and more companies entrust to us their hardware storage and hosting in our Data Center, which is located in the middle of Western Europe in Switzerland. We thank you for your loyalty and remind you that all our hosting services are based on resources of last generation, which guarantees high quality and performance, standards, reliability and high level of security.
This year AtomDrive continues to prepare interesting and profitable server solutions. Stay with us and follow the news on our site.

Published on: January 16, 2017

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