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What do you need to develop your business effectively? A lot of factors come into play. There is no universal way. But information technology is one of the undeniable and most important factors, as, if applied correctly, it can not only improve the efficiency of your business, but also improve its productivity. Boost your IT systems with carefully-selected software tools of virtualization and cloud technologies. In the meantime, you can rely on our comprehensive support.

We present you Cloud Hosting based on VMware.

Why Cloud Hosting? Let us tell you about the main advantages:
- Ease of use;
- Easy application migration in the cloud;
- Instant capacity on demand;
- Effective, safe and reliable operation;
- Storage and data backup;
- Protection and disaster recovery of the data center;
- Monitoring and accounting of your virtual resources;
- Server workload allocation;
- Technical support and high performance;
- Provision of a private isolated network;
- Reduction of labor costs due to automation of management;
- The minimum required amount of resources;
- Implementation and development of corporate mobile systems;
- Guarantee of trouble-free operation during under heavy loads;
- Reduced IT-related costs;
- Granted access with self-service;
- Transparent cost.

Your way into the clouds…

Today, "Cloud Hosting" is the most stable and high-quality product. Choose Cloud Hosting and it will allow you to take full advantage of cloud computing and ensure the highest level of data security. Reduced capital and IT related costs, increased user mobility, constant availability of cloud services, fast installation, configuration and allocation of resources - you can get all this and much more today.

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Published on: August 28, 2017

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