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Data security for successful business

In the era of active technological development the success of any business depends on the degree of advanced technologies application. We inform our partners about opportunities, which advanced technologies offer for business, and also about the risks that grow with the development of these technologies.

In the modern digital world a company’s reputation can suffer even from small malfunctions identified in the systems operation. Leading data centers provide operation conditions close to ideal for servers to work, and also update their lines with the most advanced equipment regularly. However, external influences can cause technical breakdowns in the operation of information systems.

Massive DDoS attack on the information resource may lead to the blocking and huge invoice to be issued by a hosting company. Atom Drive does not block data access for the owners of those resources, which are under active DDoS attack. Our systems immediately react to any kind of DDoS attacks, filtering and restoring the resource functioning.

Personal data protection is another important aspect for business all over the world. Non-authorized distribution of personal data or loss of information from the attacked resource may lead to rather serious consequences.

Atom Drive realizes the role of high-quality protection against DDoS attacks for their clients, developing the most advanced solutions of DDoS protection. Up to 10 Gb/s of protection are included in most of the tariff plans of Atom Drive dedicated servers. We provide data that helps our clients assess the power of attacks to provide additional protection.

To avoid financial and reputational costs, use the opportunities we provide to ensure cyber security.

Published on: February 24, 2018

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