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–°olocation with maximum availability in the center of Europe

Some companies transfer their businesses to digital platforms; others are established as digital businesses. Today, more than two-thirds of British companies use cloud services. French companies are actively moving to cloud platforms as well. European businessmen are convinced that leadership is for those who value the benefits of information technology and cloud services. The greatest involvement in IT solutions is shown by the financial market, where financial transactions are made in just a few milliseconds.

Reliability, scalability, and flexibility are the most important factors for leaders who constantly experiment with new business models. Availability of the data center is the basis for meeting these and other important requirements. Ensuring reliability and security from negative anthropogenic and natural hazards, some companies hide their data centers in the depths of mountains, abandoned mines, nuclear bunkers, etc.

However, the undeniable advantages of data centers located in urban areas are accessibility and transportation infrastructure. The companies that host their equipment in our rooms find it crucial to provide their engineers with easy access to Colocation rooms.

The data center of Atom Drive is located in the capital of Switzerland, which ensures its maximum accessibility in the very center of the European financial market. This location attracts companies with different types of business formats. Thanks to the growing demand for new business models and Colocation services, we are naturally forced to constantly expand our facilities.

Published on: March 4, 2018

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