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AtomDrive is a guarantor of legislative confidentiality and data privacy

AtomDrive hosting is the right choice for companies and individuals, who want to ensure guaranteed confidentiality in accordance with EU data protection directives.

AtomDrive provides comprehensive data protection:

1. Protection of information at the legislative level
2. Network perimeter protection
3. Advanced DDoS protection of servers
4. Guaranteed integrity of colocation stacks.

The fact that our data center is located in the heart of Europe, particularly in Zurich, ensures the legislative data protection. The Swiss Federal Law On Data Protection ensures respect for the privacy of individual and corporate data. Our data center meets the requirements of the Swiss Financial Regulator FINMA, has the “Information Security Management” ISO 27001 certificate, and is tested in accordance with ISO 27018 “Code of practice for the personal information protection (PII) in public clouds”.

Our users have the opportunity to install the intranet communication protection systems in corporate networks: security gateways, VPN, firewall, IDS/IPS attacks monitoring. Regulated protocols for “external communication” provide even more protection of the company network perimeter.

These provisions allow us to declare that placing your equipment in our rooms and racks will be reliably protected by Swiss law, and only you and the persons authorized by you will have access to the machines.

We offer cooperation to those companies and individuals, for whom guaranteed data protection is a priority when choosing a hosting provider.

Published on: April 13, 2018

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