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22% bonus for the high-quality AtomDrive VPS

Ever since the beginning of the year, while we were busy finalizing our partnership with Supermicro and RedHat, launching new fantastic configurations of dedicated servers and increasing the space for Colocation, our Virtual Server service has been gaining more and more traction.

AtomDrive took the needs of its users into account and allocated additional space for this service. Despite the growth of our customer base, we keep offering one of the most attractive bonus programs in the European hosting market. We offer 22% bonus as a gift for the annual AtomDrive subscription.

VPS is a virtual private server. The user buys a part of the dedicated server without having to share the server resources with other users. The work of other users does not affect the performance of its VPS resources. Non-industrial projects do not need dedicated servers. VPS is the best solution for large-scale industrial projects.

You will have the opportunity to install any operating system. Our operating systems for VPS comply with the operating systems for dedicated servers. There are no limits as to the volume of your resources. You can scale at any time in order to use traffic in the most efficient manner.

All VPS AtomDrive packages include protection against DDoS attacks up to 10 Gb/s, DNS hosting, user-friendly VPS admin interface and round-the-clock support.

Published on: April 22, 2018

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