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7 main reasons to choose AtomDrive

Why do our users choose AtomDrive? We undertook a simple study to identify the parameters that determine the choice of companies in favor of our hosting services.

Undoubtedly, the leading parameter is the protection of corporate and personal data by Swiss law. American companies are actively changing the host registration of their country to the European one. Data in AtomDrive is also reliably protected physically.

A large number of customers base the choice of hosting on the territorial location of its date-center. AtomDrive attracts up to 80% of our customers. Special attention to the location of the data center is paid by companies that purchase the Colocation service.

By 2018, AtomDrive has made partner agreements with major manufacturers of IT solutions: SolarCommunications, RedHat, Supermicro. Our reliable systems with high performance are chosen by more than half of our customers.

AtomDrive is constant in its discount programs. A discount of 22% on advance payment is used by more than half of our regular customers. And you can increase this number, if you take a voucher.

AtomDrive product lines are regularly updated with new configurations for performing modern IT tasks of leading companies of different formats.
Our hosting offers the most advanced payment systems and types of currencies. This is a significant advantage.

And what is important for your business?

Published on: June 17, 2018

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