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Trends in the IT infrastructure development

According to the latest research from Research in Action published in June 2018, 47% of European companies entrust data centers with their data storage and private hosting.

It is anticipated that companies' confidence in data centers and private and public clouds will grow by 2020. The colocation service is also expected to become more popular and grow by 5%. On average, modern companies use the services of five hosting providers.

Such findings show how the development of digital technologies is changing business models. These processes are interdependent and inevitable.

AtomDrive prioritizes fast response to the changes in the IT field. Our main services – Colocation and Dedicated Server – enjoy high quality, reliability and protection. An extensive range of configurations is regularly updated with new options and meets the digital needs of any modern business.

AtomDrive is at the forefront of the digital infrastructure development.

Published on: August 3, 2018

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