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High temperature causes malfunction of equipment of many private companies

This summer was way too hot for Europe. Over the course of the last month, the number of people who suffered from the blistering heat has grown exponentially. However, the technical equipment also isn’t capable of withstanding such a scorching weather. It has an exceptionally bad impact on telecommunication devices since they are very sensitive to temperature extremes.
The server systems of numerous companies have been compromised during those days. These circumstances served as an impetus for the companies to transfer their IT data or to store their server machines using the spaces of hosting providers. AtomDrive would like to thank our new customers for choosing our hosting and congratulate them on making the right decision.
AtomDrive utilizes the resources of the hi-tech data center that is located in Switzerland. We maintain the stable climatic conditions which are ideal for this specific type of equipment. The temperature levels are being monitored by the automatic systems as well as by the highly competent staff. Rest assured that even power outages wouldn’t be able to change the ideal level of temperature and humidity because our data centers have numerous backup generators, including those that operate on the renewable energy sources.

By placing your equipment in our rooms, you will:
#1 Reduce expenses on system administrators and maintenance of technical rooms;
#2 Ensure the uninterrupted operation of all IT systems and the total protection of your business data;
#3 Get a peaceful sleep.

Entrust your machines into the hands of professionals at AtomDrive.

Published on: August 28, 2018

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