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How to get all the perks of our hosting services with a 22% discount?

The users of the AtomDrive hosting service are well aware of the payment prolongation service which allows them to choose how much they want to pay for the high-quality services.

The terms of this program play an important role in determining the size of the discount, depending on the duration of the period of paid hosting services. The maximum yearlong period of hosting services provides for the financial benefits that come in the form of a 22% discount. According to our users, it presents an amazing advantage for businesses that serve as the determining factor for them when making a choice in favor of AtomDrive.
In addition, by purchasing the yearly package, you relieve yourself of worries about the technical condition of your equipment, the operational capacity of the IT systems, the maintenance of technical premises, the payroll distribution among tech specialists, and the DDoS protection of your systems.

At the same time, your company's big data is reliably protected not only from the technical standpoint, but also legally due to the fact that our data center is situated in Switzerland.

In most cases, our users invest the money that they saved thanks to the loyalty program in the further development of the IT systems: scaling, improvement of DDoS protection and acquisition of additional equipment and services.

We will extend the duration of the prolonged payment program for the next year in order to maintain the mutually beneficial cooperation. Get the entire range of benefits from our service with a 22% discount.

Published on: December 10, 2018

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