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AtomDrive in 2018

The time has come to summarize the achievements of the passing year. It was a breakthrough year for AtomDrive in terms of the number of concluded partnership deals (Supermicro, RedHad, CoinGate). These new opportunities allowed us to make our services more technological and open to the end-users.
We developed several new configuration upgrades for the projects that are involved in big data processing, with relation to the Storage and Magma product lines, which satisfied our expectations and achieved great popularity.
We connected the CoinGate payment gateway, which provided our customers with new ways of paying for our services. As of now, the payments can be carried out in more than 50 cryptocurrencies.
Moreover, we managed to maintain the best offer on the European market of hosting services. By purchasing the yearly plan in advance, the customers get to save up to 22% of their money which then can be invested in scaling of their projects with our hosting servers.
During the summer, we added an extra 10% to the June discount program.
Now, the VPS service can be installed for free whilst the minimal hosting period has been reduced by half.
Colocation has become the in-demand service among our new customers. The summer temperature records convinced our clients of the necessity to transfer their equipment to our platforms. We are prepared to integrate the new equipment during the winter period. The eco-friendly technologies are supplying our data center in Zurich with clean energy. The concern for the environment is a distinguishing feature of the serious modern companies.
We will maintain our future aspirations to improve the level of services provided by AtomDrive throughout the next year.

Published on: December 12, 2018

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