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The choice criteria in 2019

Every company considering the offers on the hosting market establishes its choice according to the peculiarity of the business. However, there are key indicators on which the majority of the consumers of hosting services rely.

In this article, we will provide the current criteria to select the hosting.

1. Availability and security

The level of smooth functioning of your systems shouldn’t be lower than 99,9%. Other indicators shouldn’t be considered. Your systems should be provided with the guarantees of high availability and modern type of protection against DDoS attacks.

By providing our services, we rely on modern equipment, support of numerous backup connections. Due to this approach, we are able to guarantee for our customers 99,9% smooth operation, minimum latency, and high connection speed. AtomDrive is regularly working on the improvement of the DDoS protection system, taking into account today’s threats and requirements in this matter.

Legal data security is not less important for many companies. AtomDrive is physically located in Switzerland where the security of personal and corporate data is under the strict control of the country’s law.

2. The physical location of the servers

It is believed that the choice of hosting must be based on the territorial location of its data center. If your informational resource should be regionally linked, the choice should fall on the data

centers located in the necessary region. But, if there is no such opportunity, the hosting in Switzerland will be the best choice. Switzerland is situated in the center of Europe, has strict legislation on data security, and is a center of world business.

AtomDrive has its equipment in the modern high-class data center in Zurich. By choosing our hosting our customers obtain all the listed above benefits.

3. The duration of the company’s work and partnership

Nowadays, in the world of hosting, there is a big number of competing companies, many of them appeared recently, and some companies open for a short time. You should select the companies which have been operating on the hosting market for many years and have a wide range of configuration and plans, stable loyalty programs along with reliable conditions, a partnership with the providers of leading service and equipment.

Our company has been on the market since 2012, during these 7 years our team has acquired extensive experience in hosting management, increased the number of rooms and equipment in the data center, formed the base of regular customers, launched regular loyalty programs and created new products annually to meet the market needs. Supermicro and RedHat are our official partners.

4. The cost of services

High-class hosting isn’t cheap. Serious companies understand that good expensive hosting will receive more profit than the expenses on the cheap hosting failures.

Our team develops flexible plans as well as a wide range of configuration so that our customers were able to find the best quality-price offer that meets the requirements of their business. The advance payment program exists for regular customers and gives a financial advantage of 22% from the cost of services.

5. A wide range of payment methods

If earlier this criterion wasn’t so essential, then, over the past couple of years it became defining for some customers. The services which offer a wide range of payment methods and systems are more attractive.

In 2018 we launched the CoinGate platform and started to receive the payment in more than 50 types of currencies.

Choose wisely. Our consultants work 24/7.

Published on: March 23, 2019

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