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Cloud Hosting For Hyper Mobile Digital Projects

The possibility of instant scaling without unreasonable expenses becomes the main requirement to IT infrastructure of modern digital projects in the actively changing environment of the world of innovation.

Cloud Hosting is one of the best solutions for small or medium business models. The significant advantage of AtomDrive cloud hosting is the ability to instantly allocate resources for virtual servers at the request of the customer and operate them by means of various operating systems, including Linux and Windows. Choosing Cloud Hosting, you can increase performance without excess costs for purchase of additional servers. The reliability of the сloud hosting is time-proved and beyond any doubt.

Each Cloud is equipped with a platform of visualization that allows you to order virtual machines. They can be controlled using the above-mentioned OS or client’s operating system – scalability is already provided.

We use Intel Xeon processor for physical servers and a reserved 10 Gbps bandwidth channel for cloud servers. Resources of the cloud can be a basis for one or several virtual machines, depending on configuration and your demands.

Cloud computing provides load balancing, allows for selecting the most suitable operating system and minimizing consumption of resources. Recovery technology of Cloud Hosting allows you to achieve 99.9% uptime.

Software XEN enables to control physical and virtual servers and provides the best solution for resources consolidation and reserving.

For more information about the advantages of this service, please contact our consultants.

Published on: April 2, 2019

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