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4 Efficient Ways of Using Your Discount

Atom Drive offers a 10% discount on all products throughout June. If you are our regular reader, you know how to increase the discount up to 32%.

Those who had already benefited from this offer managed to save enough money in their company’s annual budget to successfully invest in development.

1. Scaling

A growing business requires more resources. For a modern business, those are typically IT resources. For hosting users, they may include additional equipment, extra traffic, IP addresses, an increase in VPS volume, etc.

2. Configuration switch

Growing business’s needs might change demands for a hosting product configuration. The annual discount of 32% can cover costs of a new configuration.

3. Switch to a dedicated server

The 32% discount may be successfully invested in dedicated server hosting. Throughout the special offer lifetime, you can transfer your data to a dedicated server with an annual subscription. You can get more technical benefits for the same price. Have our consultant to help you calculate the benefits and efficiency of such a switch.

Dedicated server owners using paid-for operating systems may enjoy the option to credit the obtained discount as a fee for the service.

4. Data security

Most of our clients are happy with the DDoS protection included in the major portion of our service packages. However, we also offer packages without DDoS protection.

Our consultants are ready to help you minimize hosting costs 24/7.

Published on: June 29, 2019

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