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New Pricing Conditions of cPanel Licenses

In September, we will switch to new pricing conditions of cPanel licenses. The new system will include only monthly payments for a license, and the choice of pricing plan will depend on the number of client accounts, even those blocked.

From now on, it is possible to extend cPanel license according to the pricing plan provided that it matches the number of current accounts. If you exceed limits, the platform will be disconnected. To switch to another pricing plan, you will have to pay the difference in cost.

The names of pricing plans have also undergone changes. “Dedicated” has been renamed to “Metal,” and “VPS” is now called “Cloud.”

There will be no long-term contracts anymore. All previously concluded contracts will be switched to monthly contracts upon their expiration. No discounts for volume are envisaged. As usual, the pricing plans are available in the “Products and Services” section. You can consult our experts regarding providing our hosting services for your business via online chat available 24/7.

Published on: September 7, 2019

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