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BitTorrent Sync container

Welcome a new AtomDrive service which is BitTorrent Sync container located at the company Data Center and offering reliable and secure data storage. It is provided by P2P technology and protected by up-to-date AES encryption with 256-bit key.

Advanced "BitTorrent Sync" application allows BitTorrent Sync container synchronization with any number of devices and is compatible with any common operating systems. It ensures constant synchronization meaning that any change in files made from any of customer’s devices will be reproduced immediately.

Our Cloud infrastructure is designed for ensuring the highest level of the clients’ data safety while network speed of 10 gbit/s gives assurances in high performance of our BitTorrent Sync containers.

Take advantage of the possibility to test AtomDrive BitTorrent Sync containers for free during 24-hours period.

Make a request for gratuitous 24 hours trial and get 10 GB BitTorrent Sync container the size of which may be upgraded up to 500 GB after subscription. If you don’t subscribe in 24 hours from the beginning of the test period, the container will be deleted.

Published on: August 28, 2013

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