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Our Advantages

Own Infrastructure

Realizing the importance of an independent infrastructure for the security and stability of business, our company has developed its own platform, all the components of which are AtomDrive property. This allows us to avoid risks related with the necessity to rent equipment.

New powerful equipment by top suppliers

According with our policy of using only advanced equipment as a base for building network infrastructure, we invest in best-in-class equipment from leading manufacturers whose products quality and performance are proven for years. Our clients can be absolutely confident in the reliability and efficiency of all the network components that will last for many years.

Data Center location

We placed our data center in Switzerland, which is known as a country with a stable economy and political situation, and which is located in the neighborhood of other leading European countries, numbering millions of potential consumers. This ensures large potential for our clients on the part of their business projects development and serves as guarantee of the stability of our network functioning.

Premium Multi Homed bandwidth, low latency, 1 gbit/s LAN ports

We tried to make everything possible to give our customers the opportunity to enjoy the most rapid and reliable network. Premium bandwidth, minimum idle time, necessary redundancy, 1 gbit/s LAN ports are intended to make our network performance even higher.

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