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One of the most called-for hosting types is a Dedicated Server, meaning the allocation of a separate physical server with all corresponding resources according to the client's chosen configuration.
Rapid provisioning
Reliable hardware
Hardware RAID
KVM / IPMI included
Virtualization ready
Private networking
A prime advantage of Cloud Hosting is the possibility to almost instantly allocate resources for virtual servers on customer's request and manage them with the help of various OS including Linux, FreeBSD and Windows. Choosing Cloud Hosting you can increase the performance without extra costs for the purchase of additional servers. And the reliability of Clouds has already been convincingly proven and time-tested.

Pay As You Go
Self-healing Storage
Multiple OS supported
Console Access
Full Server Control
Scalability, Availability, Capacity
AtomDrive is proud to represent the result of the successful cooperation with our business partner - technological solution for detection and immediate response to any type of DDoS attacks with guaranteed effect of thorough filtering.
Instant setup
Against all types of attacks
Automatic detection
Free setup assistance
No ISP change is required
Remote protection
100% attack mitigation
AtomDrive will be glad to help all customers who would like to connect their hardware to the network.
We spare you from the necessity to be physically present during installation of your equipment and even from its purchasing - our specialists can carry out all the activities on your request.
AtomDrive provides its customers with the possibility to place your hardware in a safe environment in Zurich, Switzerland.
Custom handling
Expedited setup
Dual-Power Source
UPS / Diesel Backup
1 gb/s LAN connection
99.9% Uptime
Equipment colocation in Switzerland
CDN distributes the content of your website to any part of the world ensuring great performance as well. AtomDrive CDN nodes are situated in more than 40 countries around the globe that cater for your international business needs.

High speed delivery
No latency
Low bandwidth required
Global coverage
Pay as you go
Pay as you go, Light speed delivery

Products and Services

AtomDrive offers complete set of services to take your business online. All equipment is located in secure environment of Zurich data center. Below, there is detail information on main services we offer. We take a unique approach to each client. If you are looking for something you do not see here or require additional information, please contact us.

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